Toruń is a magic city. Red bricks of gothic walls, narrow streets of the medieval town, soaring church towers contribute to the unique atmosphere of the city that is one of the most recognizable and attractive places in the northern part of Poland. Entering Toruń from the south and crossing the newly repaired bridge on the Vistula river you can admire the beautiful city panorama. Although Toruń is visited mostly because of its UNESCO approved Old Town, undoubtedly the flagship of the city and site of the majority of cultural events, it’s magic reaches beyond the gothic walls. For example, Bydgoskie Przedmieście (“Bydgoskie suburb”) is a district that connects the Old Town with the university campus, and with its buildings in the Art Nouveau and half-timbered style it has an atmosphere of its own. The magic of Toruń is also its nature. Take just a few steps from the Old Town and you will forget about crowds of tourists, enjoy solitude in the Valley of Dreams, you may want to try music in the Park of Musicians, or take a walk in one of the oldest parks in the city that can take you to the river. On your way there you can visit a small zoo. The green of Toruń is everywhere. Actually 30 percent of the city area is covered by parks and forests. Even the University campus is located in the forest. Last but not least the asset of Toruń is that it is a city of the human scale. It is compact and well communicated. The majority of interesting places in the city are within the walking distance, biking lanes are also well developed. Even the university campus is a natural extension of the city and can be reached in few minutes.